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  • CCGCE have now been delivering a premier contract scaffolding service for over 10 years and are an approved contractor for Scaffolding Erection Works and Maintenance.

  • Quite simply we aim to deliver a product of the highest standard, whilst maintaining a proactive approach toward all safety & health matters and consistently delivering exceptional levels of service to all our clients.

  • We specialize in Oil & Gas Industry for scaffolding works and are able to advise, plan and design scaffolding solutions to meet your needs.

  • We are able to supply OSHA competent Scaffolders for scaffolding installation works and materials which are in compliance with the Oil & Gas Industry.


Mainly for refinery and chemical plants, we improve the economic efficiency and safety of our clients' facilities through daily maintenance, shutdown maintenance and cleaning services. The main services are as follows.

  • Daily maintenance: providing efficient maintenance services, taking into account factors such as safety, productivity, quality and cost

  • Shutdown maintenance: proposing a plan that maintains safety and operational quality while reducing production losses

  • Modification: providing optimal modifications by solving various problems that surface in the course of facility diagnosis

  • Energy saving and capacity boosting: consultation on remodeling and refurbishment of facilities and equipment for energy conservation and capacity enhancement

  • Cleaning services: establishment of various cleaning technologies essential to maintaining plant health and safety


Maintenance Services:

•    Machinery Equipment.
•    Static Equipment.
•    Valves.
•    Overhauling and shutdown services.
•    Maintenance procedures & documentations.
•    Maintenance Management Solutions.
•    Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics.

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