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CCGCE is a renowned multinational contractor in the survey, design, consultation, procurement, construction and management of long-distance pipelines and their auxiliaries, as well as medium-to-large storage tank works. We provide Saudi Arabian and foreign customers with engineering services for pipelines used to transport different medium such as crude oil, natural gas, refined products, LPG, coal gas, nitrogen, oxygen, water, ethylene, coal and ore slurry, engineering services for oil and gas storage, and technical services for oil and gas storage and transportation, in compliance with Saudi Arabian and international standards.

As a leading company in construction capacity and engineering technology for onshore long-distance oil and gas pipelines, we can build 1,000 kilometers of pipeline with a smallest diameter to largest diameter of 2400mm.

We have constructed the SaGCP (SAUDI ARAMCO GAS COMPRESSION) HARADH project pipe line for RTR around 236 km & more of pipeline through threaded joint technology and performed full line hydro testing with pigging.

We provide the following services: with NON METALLIC /METALLIC PIPE INSTALLATIONS.

Engineering survey, design, supervision and consultation

Pipeline construction

We install pipelines in different conditions such as mountains,

deserts, plateau, tundra, swamps, hydrographic net, and collapsible loess.

We are experienced in advanced technologies including semi-automatic

pipeline welding, all-position automatic welding, and all-position internal welding.

We have a sophisticated quality management system, HSE system,

OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) system, and operational specifications.



Pipeline anti-corrosion work

CCGCE has multiple world-leading operation lines, which can build a composite tri-layer anti-corrosion structure externally on steel pipes, or externally apply coal-tar enamel for anti-corrosion purposes, or internally apply coatings on steel pipes. Therefore, we can undertake tri-layer PP or PE anti-corrosion work, FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) coating, and application of coal-tar enamel for anti-corrosion purposes. In addition, we can carry out anti-corrosion and heat-preservation work on other containers such as metallic storage and transportation containers and metallic gas tanks, as well as metallic anti-corrosion structures.

 Inner coating of pipelines: Depending on the transported medium, the inner coating of pipelines may be divided into two types-drag-reduction and anti-corrosion. Anti-corrosion inner coating is mainly used to extend the service life of pipelines, and it requires field coating for welded joints; drag-reduction inner coating is mainly used to improve the transportation efficiency of the transported medium, thereby reducing the investment and operational costs, and it does not need field coating for welded joints.

CW Series of Acid Pickling and Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitors: In industrial production, corrosion inhibitors are widely used as protective additives to avoid corrosion on metallic materials which are pickled to remove their metallic oxidant and deposit layers. Acid pickling is a process in which corrosion outcomes and deposit layers are chemically dissolved and converted into soluble substances by an acid liquid. Then these substances detach from the equipment surface and flow away in the waste liquid. The CW Series contains compounds of organic amine. As they inhibit both the anode and cathode processes on the metallic surface, they are hybrid inhibitors.


Crossing of Pipe Line

CCGCE has completed crossing works under or over medium-to-large.

With a length of 250 meters and more , the crossing thru

HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling)


Technical services related to pipelines

  •  Inspection of pipeline corrosion and deformation

  •  Drilling, clogging, and rerouting under pressure

        without stopping transportation

  •  Pigging of pipelines and cleaning of oil storage tanks

It combines the advantages of conventional straight-plate pigs and disk pigs, and has a considerably improved skeleton. Jet holes are available and a tracing and positioning device may be carried. This product delivers enhanced pass ability and excellent cleaning capacity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Min. curvature radius of passable elbows: R=3D

  • Operating temperature: -20℃ - +80℃

  • Operating pressure: ≤10MPa

  • Max. deformation of passable straight pipes: 15%

  • Max. deformation of passable elbows: 10%.

Long-distance In-line Plugging for Pipeline Relocation

Hot-tapping and line plugging is an emergency repairing and maintenance method for pipelines under pressure without any interruption to the flow. It is safe, environmentally friendly, economic and efficient, applicable for routine maintenance and reconstruction or sudden accident repairing of pipelines with non-strong corrosive media such as oil, natural gas, water, ethylene, coal gas, medium oil and aviation oil.

1. Operation condition for Pipeline tapping:
Pipe diameter: DN50-DN1500mm steel pipe
Hole diameter: DN30-DN1500mm
Medium temperature: -30℃-+300℃
Pipeline pressure: 0-15MPa.


2. Operation condition for pipeline plugging:
Pipe diameter: DN50-DN1500mm steel pipe
Medium temperature: -30℃-+250℃
Pipeline pressure: 0-15MPa.


CCGCE is a leading Constructor in the field of NON METALLIC PIPING,

RTR, GRP ,GRE,HDPE,PVC.With years gained knowledge and expertise CCGCE

has been certified it’s team of experts with all local manufacturers in

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.



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