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CCGCE provide various types of blasting and painting services to the Oil and Gas Industry, including UHP (ultra-high pressure), hydro blasting and more traditional grit and steel ball blasting.

We understand that surface preparation is essential for satisfactory performance of any paint system.


All our coating systems are applied in accordance with the respective paint manufactures specifications. This process in closely monitored throughout the coating application.


• Manual paint and brush application

• (Air) less paint techniques

• Specialist coating applications

• Manual dry grit blasting

• Spot blast surface preparations

• Automated dust free blasting with encapsulation

• Manual hydro blasting UHP blasting

• Mechanical preparation


Our highly skilled blasters and painters are committed to provide the best solutions, best methods, best quality and best value in areas such as: Off shore and Onshore, Fabrication Facilities, Pipelines and Storage Tanks, even the largest projects.

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