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It is the policy of Construction Concept General Contracting Establishment to provide services related to “Construction & Maintenance Services related to Civil, Electrical & Mechanical”. Construction Concept General Contracting Establishment is committed to comply with the requirement of the customers and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. It must be clearly understood that this Quality Policy, Quality Manual and associated Procedures and systems are mandatory on all staff.

As part of our strategic direction, stated in our Vision and Mission, we are committed to;

  1. Provide services that meet Customer’s full requirements.

  2. Meeting all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

  3. Continually improving the effectiveness of our adopted Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

  4. Review our objectives and achievements periodically for continual performance improvement of processes.

  5. Plan and evaluate our processes via consideration of the associated business Risk.

  6. Ensure that this Quality Policy is communicated to all concerned Departments and understood by everyone within the organization.

  7. Periodically review our Quality Policy to maintain relevance with International Standards.

  8. Maintain the flexibility to integrate other related management system requirements.

  9. Maintain the prestigious position as one of the best Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Managing Director

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